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In this age of 4th industrial revolution, worldwide factories are developing virtual tours for their potential & existing clients. Through a 360 virtual tour they can ask any of their buyers or clients to visit their factories any time from any corner of the world. Overseas clients and buyers now don’t need to spend their time and money to visit factories. Specially in this pandemic situation, 360 virtual tours made their task so easy and safe, in terms of social distance issue.

In the manufacturing industry, 360-degree virtual tours can be a valuable tool for various purposes, including process visualization, training, equipment inspection, and marketing. Here are some methods the manufacturing industry can apply 360-degree virtual tours:

Facility Tours

Manufacturers can create virtual tours of their production facilities, warehouses, and other operational spaces. This can be useful for investors, clients, and potential partners who want to see the manufacturing process without physically visiting the site.

Equipment Inspection

Virtual tours can be used to conduct remote equipment inspections. Maintenance teams, engineers, and experts can view machinery and production lines in detail, helping to identify issues and plan maintenance or repairs.


Virtual tours can serve as a training tool for new employees or those who need to familiarize themselves with the manufacturing process. Trainees can navigate through the production environment and interact with equipment virtually, learning about safety protocols and operational procedures.

Process Visualization

Complex manufacturing processes can be challenging to understand just by looking at diagrams or descriptions. A 360-degree virtual tour can provide a visual representation of the entire process, helping employees and stakeholders understand the workflow better.

Design Review

During the product design phase, virtual tours can allow design teams to walk through virtual prototypes of new products. This can help identify design flaws, improve ergonomics, and optimize the assembly process.

Process Optimization

In today's global manufacturing landscape, teams might be spread across different locations. Virtual tours enable remote teams to collaborate effectively by providing a shared virtual space where they can discuss plans and strategies. By visualizing the production environment in detail, manufacturers can identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement in their operations.

Marketing and Sales

Manufacturers can create engaging marketing content by showcasing their facilities and production processes through virtual tours. This can be particularly impactful for attracting potential clients and investors.

Quality Control

Virtual tours can help quality control teams inspect products and identify defects without physically being present on the factory floor.

Supplier and Partner Collaboration

Manufacturers can use virtual tours to collaborate with suppliers, partners, and subcontractors. By sharing a virtual tour of the production environment, all parties can have a clear understanding of the manufacturing setup and processes.

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